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Logo study: Wacom

I have been in the market, recently, for a new Wacom tablet. My current tablet has served me well and it’s about time ti upgrade. So I’ve been scouring their site and noticed their new logo.

Wacom logo old
Wacom Logo new

With the left being the old and the right being the new. While I really like the vibrancy of the colors and the modern font treatment of the word “Wacom”, I’m not sure I’m really digging the “clip-art” logo. The symbol looks like it took someone ten minutes on Illustrator who recently found out how to use the linear gradient fills. Badly.

After doing some research, I found out that the team that created the new Wacom logo is Wolff Olins. And looking through their portfolio, there are a bunch of campaigns that I really like. For example, the WaMu campaign. The (RED) campaign. Unilever’s new logo.

Obviously, I’m not very pleased with the new Wacom logo. But I really think it deserves better. Wacom is a product that’s used by serious designers everywhere. I’m sure the people of Wolff Olins have a bunch of Wacom tablets in their studio. I really think that they got some serious marketers that know how to sell the logos that are generated by the different teams within their studio because I also found out that Wolff Olins is also responsible for this campaign:

London 2012 Logo

Now that is some serious sweet talking.

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