Last year I was fortunate in being able to carefully choose and accomplish the side projects that I’ve contributed to. I think it’s time to choose the right one for this year. As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to make a game. But the more I’ve actually thought about this as a proper adult – now with limited free time – I think the idea of actually shipping a game, that people can play, excites me more. Making improvements, responding to feedback, providing extra content, tracking sales, sending out promos for our product, all very exciting.

A friend and I have already started a company just for this very reason (which I will speak more about later). We loved the idea of actually making a game that our friends and families would enjoy. So without delay, I present you Demolition Doug. DemoDoug for short.

DemoDoug will be a fun puzzle game that lends itself to fans of Bomberman and Boulder Dash. I’ve purposely narrowed the scope to something simpler and doable just so we can ship something at a reasonable time. I will however be making sure that the story and gameplay will be something that I will be very mindful of. I will continue to update as more of the game gets fleshed out. I have binders of notes (not really, just a couple of pages on a notebook for now). This also means that absolutely nothing for the game has been made so far.

I will be using Game Maker to get this game out. Seems to be the best way for us to really execute on the idea of the game rather than learning about how to program it. A big inspiration was Tom Francis’ video series on How to Make A Game With No Experience. And Tom Francis is pretty inspirational to closet game makers in general, glad that he got the ball rolling for us.

Here’s to day one of many.