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Mission Improbable

Mission Improbable Screenshot

Mission Improbable mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two – Mod DB.

Impressive looking mod. Must check out more stuff from the mod community.


Something I lack, apparently! I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while. Yes, I have been tweeting and yes, I have been updating other avenues of online note-taking, but I have been neglecting this blog for far too long.

There are a lot of new WordPress related updates and add-ons I’ve missed due to not updating this blog, but it’s time I’ve made up for it.

Things I need to do for this blog:

  • Update WordPress version.
  • Integrate Twitter updates.
  • Find a way to cross post from Posterous.
  • Get my portfolio and other works into WordPress and update them.
  • Delicious bookmarks integration?

I’ll try to find the best solutions and start posting them onto the blog. Stay tuned!

Weekend Hiking

Harriman Trail
I’m proud to announce that the weekend hiking was an absolute success!

When I started hiking again this Spring, I was a complete mess. I attempted a trail much easier than the one above and I failed. The scrambles that I used to do so easily last Summer, looked like impossible hills that I thought I’d never get over. This weekend, I was able to do a much harder trail with GREAT SUCCESS! HIGH FAIVE!

There was even quite a remarkable difference from the week before. We did the exact same trail and this time around, I felt significantly less tired when we completed the loop. I can only assume that the jogging is really helping out.

The trail we usually do is about 4 miles that includes 3 hills that are about 1000ft each. Within the trail, there are 3 moderate scrambles. We complete it in a little over 3 hours.

Personal Power Day 5

Apparently, it takes a bit to break old patterns. It takes both physical and mental cues to reset or break old patterns. The physical aspect, from my point of view, is to literally shake you out of them, giving you an opportunity to not fall into the same pattern as you usually would. Today was mainly about how to train ourselves physically to give ourselves an opportunity to break out of these “states”. I assume that we’ll be handling the mental aspect of this on Monday.

Obviously, the “state” that we want to break away from is the negative state. Returning to my example of procrastinating, it’s very obvious that I have a specific mental state that I get into when I start to procrastinate. I can’t specifically explain what that is, but what’s also obvious is that I whenever I get into this mental state, I also display a specific body language associated with it.

So Tony’s lesson for the day is to physically “break” these negative body languages as well as your negative mental state by immediately performing some positive ones. It’s sorta like doing laughing yoga on a personal level, especially when you need it. Once you start doing the physical motions to a certain action, you mind automatically copes to follow those actions.

I know that before I pump myself to do push ups or some heavy weights, I sorta jog around, swinging my arms around and perhaps doing some punches in the air (uppercuts). And I notice that I do this whenever I want to psyche myself up. I tested myself on breaking out of one of my old patterns using this physical means of changing my “state” today. Today is also Day 3 of my Couch to 5K Running Plan, but I really wasn’t feeling it. On top of that, it started to rain just as I got ready to put on my shoes. Usually, this would have immediately prevented me on going running. But instead, I shook myself out of it by doing these motions, and pumping myself up. And the result is that I’m elated that I did go running today. I have a feeling that I should be mentally linking this feeling of elation to my workouts.

Now what I need to work on is performing these actions and breaking myself from my procrastinating mental state. I’ll give it a good try this evening and this weekend!

Day 5 of Personal Power!

Couch to 5K Day 3

Very proud of myself for going out to run today. There were a lot of factors that would have usually detracted me from not running today. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night and it started raining right as I was about to step out to run. I guess some of this self-improvement stuff I’m doing along side this running program is helping, because I decided to run anyway. Fortunately, it stopped raining as soon as I started running.

Today was significantly less difficult than Day 2. I was able to catch my breath a lot easier during the 90 second intervals of walking, and only found it very difficult towards the last 2 sets of 1-minute jogging. I also noticed that the speed at which I’m running has also slightly improved. I’m covering more ground. Bonus!

I’m still hesitant to move onto the next round of routines, which is running for 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes. But I’m definitely going to try it on Monday. I’m actually looking forward to it! I was also thinking of picking up a pedometer. Does it help?

I’m also not completely resting during the weekend, I’m most likely going hiking tomorrow on our usual 3-4 hour hikes. I’m curious to see if my running this week improved my hiking skills.

Day 3 of Couch to 5K Running Plan!

Personal Power Day 4

Following yesterday’s introduction to Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC), the lesson of Day 4 was to introduce the basic concepts of breaking or interrupting old patterns of associations. What does this mean? It means that when you start to find yourself doing the things that impede or get in the way of your goals, your mind is already in a neuro-association, it’s already in some sort of pattern. A pattern that’s probably been with you for quite some time. According to the lesson, these patterns need to change and be conditioned with better associations in order for you to succeed.

This makes sense to me. One of my bad patterns is that I still have a tendency to procrastinate and push things back to the last minute. I don’t know why I continue to do it. I know I shouldn’t, but for some reason, this old pattern of thinking continues to be with me. The pattern of association that it’s OK for me to procrastinate, or that it’s OK for me take my time on it. And I think this has hurt me a lot more than I know.

So what needs to happen? I need to interrupt myself whenever I find myself doing it. Whenever I catch myself procrastinating, I need to find ways to stop and start doing what I need to do. Also, I need to start associating better things by NOT procrastinating. Still not sure how to do that, however.

Hmm, I feel like I still have a long way to go. But I’ll mark today as a success in learning more about myself in this self-improvement journey. Wahoo!

Day 4 of Personal Power!

Personal Power Day 3

Today’s program was about neuro-associations and on the basics on how we can use Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC) (fancy!) in order to aid us in getting closer to our objectives. What are neuro-associations? It’s just like it sounds, it’s linking pleasure to certain actions we do everyday and pain to other actions. And it’s because of these associations that we’ve come to where we are now. (Which I believe.)

For example, one neuro-association that you instantly make when you’re a kid playing with matches is fire = hot = painful. So you learn early on not to touch fire, or your ass get burned. Another association is probably something like birthday = cake = good times. So you associate having cake as one of the great pleasure in life. Shiz, I know I do. (Btw, these are my lame-ass examples, but I think they hold true. And if we put it to practice, it’s because of these associations why I haven’t burned down a house and why I love cupcakes.)

Anyway, getting back to the topic. Our assignment for today was to jot down a couple of neuro-associations that we’ve formed until now. We had to jot down 3 that we’ve made in the past that was beneficial to me, and 3 that weren’t. And I have to say, it was really easy for me to come up with 3 that hurt my progress than to come up with the 3 that actually benefited my life. I guess we can all write something like “I’ve learned early in life that murder is bad”, but that doesn’t really count. But seriously, I think one of the best that I came up with is “it’s good to be a hard worker.” WTF.

Also, I’ve had the urge to listen to tomorrow’s lesson today, because I had some extra cycles, but I decided not to and just keep this pace of listening to one a day. Go me!

Day 3 of Personal Power!

Couch to 5K Day 2

Actually, the post should be called “Couch to 5K Workout 2” because runs are done every other day with a day of rest in between, but I think I’ll just stick to “days” for simplicity sake.

So today was Day 2, which consisted of the same workout as Day 1.

  • Stretch
  • 5 minutes of walk to warm up.
  • Repeat the following for 20 minutes:
    • 60 seconds of jogging.
    • 90 seconds of walking.
  • 5 minutes of cooldown walking.
  • Stretch

I wouldn’t say that I felt that today was easier than Day 1, but I think it was mentally easier because I knew what to expect. I knew how tired I would feel after each jogging increment that the entire workout was less cumbersome. Kinda like the difference between taking a hiking trail you know and one you’re not familiar with. If you haven’t been on a trail and you’re new to it, the discovery of walking through the new trail feels longer as opposed to when you’re familiar with the trail.

Don’t get me wrong. Day 2 was very tough. Like I said; I’m not a runner and I’m not built like a runner. And I was struggling and really fighting to finish the last couple of sets of jogging. But at the same time, the 90 seconds of rest in between helped even more this time and I was able to catch my breath just enough to give me enough motivation to start jogging at the end of the 90 seconds.

I was also sore from the Day 1 run, but jogging actually helped with the tightness. Although, it’s been about 30 minutes since the jog and I’m starting to feel a bit more sore than yesterday. I should make sure to really stretch out before I go to bed this evening.

Overall, feeling great! I really want to see if I can finish this!

Day 2 of Couch to 5K Running Plan!

Personal Power Day 2

Today was the introduction of the fundamental idea that all the things we do is to essentially derive pleasure and avoid pain. This is the third time I’ve listened to this particular lesson, from the previous attempts of completing the entire program, and I think it still strikes a chord with me and all the actions that I do. Especially when he goes into details of how we try to get pleasure from procrastinating and how we try to avoid pain or failures from it.

In particular, I find that I tend to procrastinate because I tend to over think all that I have to do in order to complete a task or project. Deep down, I somehow think that what I’ll end up with something that will not be as successful or polished as I intended the end product to be. Therefore, I tend to drag things on somehow trying to delay the inevitable. This has lead to many instances where the end product was nothing instead of something less than my imaginary final product. This particular cycle and pattern in behavior has lead me to miss a lot of deadlines and homework assignments during high school and college.

A part of me blamed myself of being a perfectionist. As, nothing is better something that is not perfect. But truthfully, nothing is a lot worse than something that is not perfect. Something late is also not better than something on time and not perfect. And that was usually the case, a lot of times, my end result was either a term paper, homework assignment or project that was late, and never perfect.

Up to this day, I still struggle to turn in something perfect and right on time. Hopefully, these lessons will help me achieve it.

Day 2 of Personal Power!

Starting Steps

Ever since I was laid off November of last year, I took a few somewhat big steps for my personal career. I started my own company iconSam Inc., I started working for it full-time from my home office, and I’ve made the decision to start really improving myself during that time.

It may sound silly, but I’ve always believed in the motivational teachings of Tony Robbins. It’s certainly helped me somewhat during college from the few days of teachings that I’ve listened to, but because of my college schedule (or perhaps a lack of discipline) I was never able to complete all of the days for his Personal Power II series. So today was the first day of the series. I’m going to be using my blog as my success journal to jot down EVERYTHING I will be encountering in my own Personal Power process. Kinda cheesy, but I honestly think this is going to help me for multiple reasons. 1) It will help me start/continue to be a consistent blogger. 2) It will aid me in the Personal Power stages by keeping me in track. 3) Hopefully perhaps all the things I write will aid or motivate someone else on their own Personal Power Journey.

Lastly, I’ve also started the “From Couch to 5K” running program and I completed the first workout today to the T! I’m looking forward to doing the next step of the workout on Wednesday. And I’ll also be using this blog to jot down my thoughts and feelings of my running success story. I’ve never been a runner before, nor do I look like a runner, but today was the first time that I actually felt like I COULD be a runner. And that was a great feeling!

Day 1 of Personal Power!
Day 1 of Couch to 5K Running Plan!

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